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Evening Computing project started in the summer of 2001 by Elías L. Sanchez shortly after he met Simon Fuell in Chelmsford a place in Essex County. Both had a background in Information Technology and were doing jobs not related to their professional skills in order to make ends meet. Once both found work in the IT industry they started Evening Computing. The idea was to generate additional income from their spare time by having reasonable computer repairs in Essex and London.


Elías grew up in Jagüey Grande, a placed famous for his Jagüeyenses, being the biggest citrus plantation in the world and the quantity of schools in the area. He had great teachers who played a big role shaping his personality with knowledge acquisition and team player tasks.


Back in 1991, Elías graduated as a teacher in Cuba; the equivalent qualification in Britain would be a HND.  After a short stint as a teacher, he changed his career to customer services and sales.  He realized that services which go an extra mile can make a huge difference in clients’ impression, bringing a win-win result, whereby sales increase and customers are delighted.  Elías came to the UK in 2000 when he started a new way of life and looked for a suitable career path.  He noticed the financial opportunities in the technology sector.  IT being his natural element, he started to work his way into the ICT market.  It was the year when the infamous technology bubble exploded, but there were enough new opportunities for the newcomers.  After taking some vocational courses and securing his first position in IT support, Elías realized that he could use his skills outside his working hours in the office to bring in extra money and help pay for his studies.  As Elías had to work during office hours, he came up with the idea of providing IT support in the evenings.  Therefore Evening Computing was born.  Elías went to the Citizens Advice Bureau to find out all he needed to start trading in the UK. 


Soon Evening Computing was providing support to many residential and business customers during evenings and weekends. It was clear that having a computer professional coming to you and resolving your computer problems is a sought-after service, as all work is done in the comfort of your home. 

Most of our new customers are recommended by word of mouth – we pride ourselves on sorting out their IT problems and become their first point of contact for IT support.

We have been providing regular support to business customers who want a good return on their investment. As we offer a quality service at a competitive price, we truly believe that customer satisfaction is the main driver behind our business development. Based in Walthamstow E17, we trade within London and some areas of Essex and Kent.


Elías has carried on improving his education.  He has gained a HNC in Computing from London Metropolitan University and a degree in Business Information Technology from London South Bank University. He is planning to start his MBA soon.


Evening Computing has been collaborating with both professional individuals and organizations. Thanks must be extended to Burhan Bulduker, Emanuele Ciriachi, Fidel Perez, Kadir Dermitas, Kosala Gunasinge, Paul Harding, Selahattin Utus, Simon Fuell and Simon Rayner, who have contributed more significantly to the growth of Evening Computing.



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