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“Encryption of all sensitive information on notebooks should be considered mandatory”

Gartner, Jan 2007, Pub: G00144857


Computer or laptop encryption provides the highest level of security and privacy, because all files, including any temporary files that Windows and applications create on the system partition (typically, without your knowledge or consent), hibernation files, swap files, etc., are always permanently encrypted (even when power supply is suddenly interrupted). Windows also records large amounts of potentially sensitive data, such as the names and locations of files you open, applications you run, etc.


All such log files and registry entries are always permanently encrypted too. System encryption involves pre-boot authentication, which means that anyone who wants to gain access and use the encrypted system, read and write files stored on the system drive, etc., will need to enter the correct password each time before Windows boots (starts).


Pre-boot authentication resides in the first track of the boot drive and on the Rescue Disk.


Act now and protect your data, please call Elías or Simon on 07815 105782 or write to [email protected].


Please notice that this service is not part of the Special Offers because this is a lengthy process that could take more than eight hours. We charge £100 for this service per machine, if you have more than one machine; we will find a reasonable price for you.


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